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A few things to put on your puppy checklist!

🔲 Fromm Gold, Royal Canine, Pro-plan puppy with probiotics  (We don't recommend grain free but we also mix Orijen puppy food as it has top quality ingredients)   


🔲 A blanket.  We send a special blanket from us as we want to make sure your puppy goes to their new home with a few familiar scents. We pre-wash our blankets! Our babies  sleep with them and their litter mates the day before they come to you. We ask you don’t wash this for a few days. The smell of mom and friends can be very calming during their transition.    

🔲 A crate, make sure it’s not too big and not too small!     

🔲 A comfy pet bed helps to make the transition a little easier.  

🔲 Puppy toys, make sure it’s nothing they can choke on!  We love Godog products!

🔲 Treats - puppies will be teething and want to chew. We use bully sticks, hooves, Nyla bones, Himalayan chews. Just make sure not to give them anything with rawhide. (Rawhide is very dangerous for  any size dog and can cause choking! Please never offer this as a treat!  


🔲 A good fitting collar and leash set.    

A few things to consider is puppies will come litter pan trained we buy our pans from tractor supply, and use yesterday’s news pellets by Purina as litter. I can send you pictures of our set up if you chose to incorporate this into the routine. (I recommend if you are working away from the home and unable to get them out every few hours to have this option) 

Rabbit pan link for litter box


Play Pen we recommend 


Pellets for litter Pan


Bully Sticks



Going to their new home is not only exciting for you but your puppy as well!  It is very important that you have down time set aside so your puppy can acclimate to their new home, schedules and routines.  We recommend taking it easy with your puppy while settling into their new environment.  Making sure they are eating and drinking plenty of food and water along with getting plenty of rest❤️.

Puppy checklist, bringing home your puppy

Mom always has a list of fun stuff for us! 😍